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Three Tips for Saving Money This Holiday Season

How to Save Money on HVAC Costs

Saving money these days seems close to impossible. One minute, it’s payday––and the next, it’s time to pony up and pay those bills. However, homeowners may find their savings account growing just in time for the holidays by optimizing how their HVAC systems work. Here are some ways to drive down energy bills.

thermostatInstall a Programmable Thermostat

Also known as “smart” thermostats, these devices optimize heating and cooling in ways never before thought possible. Big-name tech giants, like Nest and Honeywell, have jumped on the bandwagon with their products. But what makes a smart thermostat so special?

  • They help homeowners manage their energy consumption. Many households are surprised to learn they consume more energy than they thought. With a programmable thermostat, one can keep track of their energy consumption, allowing them to make changes that save money.
  • They allow for remote control. Most smart thermostats come with apps that pair with users’ smartphones. So, a homeowner can turn the AC off when they go to work and then turn it back on before leaving the office.
  • They communicate efficiently with the HVAC system. Thermostats do more than give digital read-outs; they also communicate with the HVAC system, accurately monitoring temperature changes. They also ensure that an AC system doesn’t work “overtime” to cool a home.

EnergyStar notes that some energy-efficient thermostats can save eight percent on a homeowner’s annual energy bill. That’s about $50 a year–not chump change.

air filterChange the Air Filter Trimonthly

The HVAC system relies on an air filter to keep the air free of airborne pollutants. However, these insertable devices don’t last forever. Per EnergyStar, they should be replaced once every three months–perhaps even more so, depending on how many people (and pets) reside in a household.

Keeping the AC system chugging along with a dirty air filter will waste money. Why? Because a dirty air filter will:

  • Trap heat, causing the AC system to overheat and turn off. This could increase homeowners’ reliability on fans and other energy-sucking appliances.
  • Interfere with the thermostat’s operations. A thermostat won’t get an accurate reading if the AC system needs a new air filter, even if it’s a “Smart” model.
  • Lower the home’s indoor air quality. With poor indoor air quality, residents could suffer from various flu-like symptoms, from coughing to headaches.

Here’s a fun fact: one can buy reusable air filters for their HVAC systems. Instead of replacing the filter every three months, they just remove it, hose it off, and re-insert it. This could save money on purchasing new filters and trips to the hardware store.

Consult with an Air Conditioning Maintenance Professional

Homeowners can do everything possible to keep their heating and cooling systems in tip-top shape. Yet, some tasks are best left in a trained professional’s hands. For instance, a seemingly small HVAC problem could be an issue needing immediate attention.

Professionals can rely on their training, years of service, and experience to get the job done. Scheduling just one maintenance visit could prevent spending hundreds on unexpected repairs later.

About Crowe’s Comfort Solutions

Crowe’s Comfort Solutions follows this motto: “Your comfort is our top priority.” These trustworthy technicians have years of service working for the residents of Pooler, GA. They offer same-day service, flat-rate pricing, and a lot more. Call today to learn more about their air filter replacement and other HVAC maintenance services.

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