Indoor Air Quality Services in Pooler, GA

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When you’re at home, you should be assured that you’re safe and healthy. However, if you have poor indoor air quality, your house could actually be making you sick. When you need advice from an indoor air quality company, call our experts at Crowe’s Comfort Solutions in Pooler, GA. We use the latest technology to keep your family safe!

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We offer the following IAQ services:

Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Improving the indoor air quality in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experts provided the following suggestions to make the air in your home healthier:

  • Cleaning your air ducts: Having professionals regularly clean the ducts can remove mold, bacteria, dust, and other debris.
  • Changing your air filters regularly: Changing your heating and cooling systems’ air filters about every three months can reduce irritants like mold, pollen, and bacteria from entering your home.
  • Installing an air purifier: These systems can remove pollutants from the air like smoke, mold, pet dander, and even viruses.
  • Using a dehumidifier: Reducing the level of humidity in your home can help lower the number of indoor pollutants, such as mold and mildew.
  • Cleaning frequently: Performing simple tasks like vacuuming and cleaning your home regularly can help remove the larger particles — and dust — from your home.