Expert Tips To Reduce Cooling Costs

Save On Your Energy Bills With These Tips

Summer weather can take a toll on Georgia homeowners’ energy bills. While residents need to run their air conditioners to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature, it can cause their utility bills to skyrocket.

Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can reduce these expenses. To reduce cooling costs, air conditioning contractors suggest installing programmable thermostats, weatherstripping, and ceiling fans.

Programmable and Smart Thermostats

One of the best ways to save money on cooling costs is for homeowners to replace nonprogrammable thermostats with smart thermostats. These digital devices provide numerous ways for homeowners to reduce their energy bills, including:

  • Allowing homeowners to set the temperature at an energy-saving level for different times of the day. They can raise the temperature when they are away and lower it when they return home.
  • Providing the capability to adjust the temperature through an app on homeowners’ phones. They can use the device’s Away and Vacation modes.
  • Letting residents use cooling zones to set different temperature schedules for various areas of the home. This ensures energy is not being wasted in unused spaces.
  • Taking advantage of smart features. Programmable thermostats can learn homeowners’ preferences over time, changing the temperature based on residents’ schedules.

Suppose homeowners are interested in upgrading their existing thermostat to a programmable device. In that case, they should contact an air conditioner contractor to learn about the units and determine the best type for their house. Technicians can also provide tips and training on using the thermostat to take advantage of its offerings.


Another way for homeowners to reduce their utility bills is to add weatherstripping to drafty areas. Property owners should add weatherstripping if they notice gaps around the door or windows. This can prevent cool air from escaping or hot air from entering the home.

Drafts can not only make homes more uncomfortable, but they can also cause air conditioners to overwork. This can add to the wear and tear on the system and cause their utility bills to increase.

Use the AC Less and Fans More

AC technicians recommend homeowners reduce their air conditioner usage and use their ceiling fans more to reduce energy bills.

When the heat and humidity cause temperatures to rise in homes, property owners likely first think to adjust their AC system to make the house more comfortable. But the more an air conditioner runs, the higher the person’s utility bills will be.

Instead, ceiling fans can provide added comfort without using too much energy. The ceiling fan direction should be counterclockwise to keep the air circulating and make rooms feel cooler.

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